I am funding TESS and I have an incentivized offer for you that will be of interest to you. The reason for funding is that TESS has taken more time from me than planned and I need some financial stability around my work schedule to complete the launch within the next 60 days.

The rewards are highly beneficial to all NFT holders, please read everything below.

I am minting 49 unique TESS NFTs on RelayX.com that acts as an exchange for future retail sales of TESS through StartWithVegard.com OR you can redeem any TESS NFT to get a TESS product.

The way this NFT works

  1. Each TESS NFT is priced at approximately USD 500 in BSV. This is a 50% discount on the retail price of USD 999 for TESS at launch.
  2. Each TESS NFT can be used to get a TESS product after the launch (within 60 days).
  3. Each TESS NFT can be relisted* for up to USD 900 in BSV on RelayX.com and I will buy back listed TESS NFTs for each sale of TESS on StartWithVegard.com after launch. Starting at the lowest priced TESS NFTs until there are 0 listed TESS NFTs on RelayX.com.
  4. TESS NFTs are redeemable until the end of 2023.
  5. Each TESS NFT is a unique generated AI image with the visualization of you owning your digital real estate.

*sale has to be regular retail price at USD 999 OR similar sales revenue reached before a buy-back happens of a TESS NFT.


Buy TESS NFT for $500 & sell* the same TESS NFT for $900. You can potentially earn $400 per TESS NFT.


The risks are if TESS fails in one or more ways that it does not reach enough real-world sales to buy back all TESS NFTs for sale over the lifetime of TESS as a product. I will however do my best to achieve the sales needed to cover anyone who wants to turn their TESS NFTs profitable in USD.


Each TESS NFT is a non-refundable purchase that gives you a unique AI-generated NFT art in the case the TESS creator (me Vegard Wikeby) gets seriously ill, dies, or any other serious situation where TESS can’t be completed as intended within the next 60 days, the TESS NFT token falls back to be a unique generated art token in these cases.

What is TESS?

TESS = The Entrepreneur Start System. It is a website built for selling your products and services; be it virtual or physical. TESS includes a fully functional e-commerce engine.

TESS is a non-tech approach to owning your website and best practices around it from my 10+ years of experience in the field.

TESS focus on giving every small to medium-sized business the chance to start right on the internet with a proper first website that represents their values and products in the best way possible without needing to go to an expensive agency.

TESS focus on being as simple as possible. Giving customers a visual editor that can design any page or edit an existing page.

TESS is 100% open source and/or licensed with an unlimited single use of the TESS product for as long as you need to use it. You own 100% of your TESS product forever.

TESS includes free hosting forever as long as the company that supplies it is solvent.

TESS has 7 avatars that a customer can choose from as their TESS, which is specifically built for making sales of that avatar’s products or services.

TESS has the regular about, contact, terms of service, and privacy policy pages set up at launch.

Any questions can be asked on twitter.com/vegardwikeby or through v@egard.no.

Thank you for your time and I hope you choose to buy one or more TESS NFTs. I appreciate you a lot and I hope to serve you well.

Vegard Wikeby