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What am I getting?

Imagine if you went to a web design agency and wanted a well built website that would immediately increase your business sales and they responded professionally the following:

We’ll fix it for you! We’ll assign our best landing page designs and think of everything for you. Your website will be product/service sales ready with a landing page, e-commerce shop ready for future expansion, you’ll get help with picking a domain name for your business, email setup with your own domain and newsletter ready to talk with your customers within 48 hours after ordering.

For only $999 per year.

That’s TESS!

+ when you pre-order you’ll get a professional handpicked logo for your business!

To summarize what you’ll get with TESS

+ ready website with about & contact pages, add as many pages as you want
+ professional designed landing page (a few selections), sales ready, easily modified
+ e-commerce engine, expand to full store if needed
+ e-commerce professionally styled (shop -› cart -› checkout)
+ get paid in $, £, etc and bitcoin BSV
+ Stripe, Paypal and Anypay BSV payment gateway setup
+ includes domain and help picking one
+ professional email addresses with your domain
+ free professional handpicked logo for pre-orders
+ newsletter setup & ready to communicate with customers
+ no technical skills, hosting or any other costs;  just you and sales
+ TESS membership section with your questions answered, tips and tricks
+ you own your TESS data 100% & can move them anytime from our yearly $999 service

Pre-order delivery starts in 2022!

Ever wondered how it would be to make it as an entrepreneur?

It’s not easy to make it for most, it wasn’t for me. However the financial pain to gain doesn’t need to be so hard, costly or time consuming for you! I created TESS for the purpose of taking you 90% on the way to your own financial online success as an entrepreneur.

Hard work is needed, but you no longer need to worry if your online branding is done right or be frustrated with lack of direction on how to use your solution. TESS needs 0-technical skills from you.

Your work is in being you, to sell the best of what you do in order to help others.

Is TESS a membership?

Yes, sort of.

The yearly membership fee of $999 includes everything technical to run your own TESS setup.

The crown jewel of the membership is having me working with you behind the scenes of your TESS.

There isn’t any 1-to-1 video/call support or consulting included in TESS, but you’ll get access to the TESS Membership where I answer publicly questions from clients, writing articles and tips that you can potentially apply to your TESS setup.

Your success is up to the work you put in, but I will be there to push you forward and make it happen for you!

Some work that I’ve done

You might be interested in looking at some previous work I’ve done over the years, so I’ll share some of it below.

You can get to know me better and see my reputation through my public twitter account

Get to know me as much as you can, as I will get to know you a lot when you join TESS.

So that’s some of my work. I hope to see you get a TESS setup and get on your way towards a successful entrepreneurship.

Contact me through for any questions, direct messages are open to everyone.

Vegard Wikeby

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